Winter vacation and winter sports with dogs

Winter vacation and winter sports with dogs

Many winter sports that we humans enjoy are unsuitable for dogs. Downhill skiing or snowboarding are out of the question for a winter holiday with your dog. But that doesn’t mean that the dog has to stay at home during the winter vacation. After all, many dogs have great fun romping in the snow. But which winter sports are suitable for dogs and what needs to be considered?

Tips for winter holidays with your dog

People often think of downhill skiing or snowboarding when it comes to “winter holidays”. But this type of vacation is not suitable for dogs. Nevertheless, the holiday in winter can also be varied and sporty with the dog. After all, many dogs love the snow. We have put together some tips for a vacation in the snow:

  • Step 1 for the vacation: Decide on a winter vacation region
  • Book as early as possible, especially if you want to go on vacation over Christmas or New Year
  • Look for providers with special offers for dogs such as snowshoeing with dogs or dog-friendly cross-country trails
  • Please note “Paragraph 1” on the piste – further information can be found here in the article
  • Check in advance whether your dog is “suitable for winter sports”
  • Think of a first aid kit for the dog and its food when you bring your luggage

Winter sports with a dog ?!

Dogs are unsuitable or even forbidden as companions on ski or snowboard slopes, on sleigh rides or hikes in deep snow, since they can endanger themselves or other winter athletes. Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing offer a nice alternative in which the dog can show his good condition.

It is important to note “Paragraph 1”, according to which the dog must not disturb or hinder other cross-country skiers, not poach, not run in the groomed trail or leave “his business”. If this paragraph 1 is not observed, the dog owner may face a fine.

Cross-country skiing training

So that nothing stands in the way of winter fun together, it is advisable to train the dog to behave correctly in cross-country skiing. The best time to do this is in the early morning or late afternoon, as the cross-country trails are harder and fewer cross-country skiers are at these times. With a towline and some reward items for the dog, you can practice in peace that the dog stays close and is not disturbed by overtaking cross-country skiers.

Let off steam on the dog track

Some ski areas offer dog trails, which are usually short and circular and are located on the outskirts. Here the dogs can move freely and let off steam in the snow. However, if dogs tend to poach, they should also be leashed on the trails specially prepared for dog owners, as the game is usually near the valley at the feeding areas in winter.

Snowshoeing with a dog

In addition to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, for example, is suitable as a joint activity with the dog. With snowshoes and sticks, you can take your dog off to the slopes in the winter idyll. In some winter sports areas, snowshoe trails are signposted, and snowshoe hikes with dogs are often offered as tours with an experienced guide.

Is my dog ​​suitable for winter sports?

Before you start winter sports with your dog, you should make sure that the dog is in good health and condition. It should be noted that running in the snow and many gait changes are more stressful for the dog than an ordinary walk. Endurance sports are too much of a burden for adult dogs or dogs with joint diseases. If necessary, the dog should be introduced to a veterinarian or animal physiotherapist before the winter holiday.

It should also be noted that the dog must be adequately hydrated during winter sports. A thermos flask with water and a folding bowl can be carried.

Dog feeding on winter vacation

The dog’s usual food should also be fed on vacation, since a sudden change can lead to digestive problems. With the practical daily rations from futalis, your dog is always optimally cared for and you will never again take too much or too little food with you on vacation.

Equipment for winter holidays with dogs

  • Leash and drag line
  • Dog towels (preferably one for on the go)
  • Paw care and possibly paw shoes
  • Dog coat if necessary
  • First aid bag for dogs
  • Bowls and a drinking bowl for on the go, thermos with water

Summary: Tips for winter holidays and winter sports with dogs

  • Before the winter vacation: find out how dog-friendly the pension / hotel and the holiday area are and whether dog trails are nearby.
  • Before winter sports: Make sure that your dog is in good health and in good condition for the common endeavors.
  • Off to the trail: First practice with treats and a tow line so that your dog gets used to cross-country skiing and does not hinder other cross-country skiers.
  • After winter sports: Provide your dog with enough water and check the paws for injuries.

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