Traveling with a dog – what should be considered?

Traveling with a dog – what should be considered?

Dog owners who want to travel with their dog have to consider a few points in advance. In addition to the dog-friendly choice of holiday destination and means of transport, this primarily concerns the documents that the dog needs to enter the country of holiday.

Entry requirements for dogs

For travel within the EU, an EU pet passport is required, which can be clearly assigned to the animal using a microchip or a tattoo.

The passport is usually issued when the chip is placed and / or the first vaccination. For dogs that only have the national vaccination certificate, an EU pet passport can also be issued retrospectively.

The EU pet passport must also provide proof of a valid rabies vaccination protection. The vaccination must be at least 21 days in the case of a first vaccination upon entry and must be valid according to the date. Depending on the vaccine, the vaccination is valid for between 12 and 36 months.

In some countries, special regulations apply regarding entry with dogs. Additional echinococcal treatment for the fox tapeworm is required in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland and Malta and must also be duly entered on the EU pet passport. Denmark also prohibits 13 dog breeds that are considered dangerous, including Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog. All other entry requirements have now been abolished across the EU, including the blood tests previously prescribed in some countries. When traveling to non-EU countries, different regulations apply, which can be found out both through the Federal Foreign Office and the embassy of the travel destination.

It is also extremely useful in Mediterranean regions to take effective prophylaxis against communicable diseases such as leishmaniasis or heartworm. Special protective collars or various spot-on preparations are suitable for this. Your veterinarian will assist you in choosing the appropriate prophylaxis.

Transport and destinations for vacation with your dog

Basically, it is ideal for the dog if he can accompany his family on vacation, because almost all animals suffer from the temporary separation. Therefore, dog owners should think about where and how to take their dog with them. As a means of transport, the car has the advantage that the breaks can be taken as required; Rail travel, on the other hand, can cause great stress for the dog, especially when it is fully drawn.

When traveling by air, the guidelines of the airlines are particularly problematic for larger dogs, since they have to fly in a luggage box in the luggage compartment. If a flight trip is to be considered, it is important that the dog is used to the flight box in advance. Nevertheless, a flight by a dog is rather uncomfortable and very stressful.

When choosing a travel destination, dog owners should make sure in advance that dogs are allowed in the booked hotel, holiday home or on the campsite. Ideally, the accommodation has a fenced garden area and offers the opportunity to move the dog sufficiently, for example on walking paths or on a dog beach. There are now many special offers for a “dog holiday”, in which the accommodations are particularly geared towards four-legged guests and offer special activities with dogs.

Traveling with a dog: what’s in your luggage?

It is advisable to bring a first aid kit for the dog too. The possible problems range from travel sickness to minor injuries to tick infestation. Dressing material, disinfectants and possibly prescribed medications also belong in the dog first aid kit like a pair of tick pliers, tweezers and a clinical thermometer. In addition to the prophylaxis that is carried out anyway, it is advisable to carry an agent against flea and tick infestation. Even a small flashlight is useful for examining wounds, mouths or ears.

All things for everyday use should be stowed in the dog case, i.e. food and water bowl, the usual place to sleep, dog food, treats and your favorite toys. A change of food is badly tolerated by many dogs and should therefore be avoided especially on vacation. Leash, collar and dog waste bag also belong in the luggage, as well as a muzzle if necessary. Adequate water should not be missing while driving. Also important on vacation is an address label for the dog with the complete holiday address and the phone number of the owner, which is attached to the collar so that it is clearly visible.

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