Traveling in a camper with a dog – this is how a camping holiday is a success

Traveling in a camper with a dog – this is how a camping holiday is a success

No matter whether a weekend at the lake or in the mountains or a longer holiday trip, maybe even to another country, if you have a dog, you are also happy to take it on a motorhome trip. And that doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Just think about what your dog needs at home to feel good and try to do it on the caravan trip too.

This is how the dog feels comfortable on a camper trip

Take your dog’s normal daily schedule into account during your trip. The usual walk times should also be observed during the trip. If your dog is at home alone during the day anyway while you are at work, you do not have to plan unnecessary breaks for the dog. Because the way he sleeps and dozes at home during the day, he can do that while driving. On the other hand, if your dog is used to running around in the garden all day, then you should plan more breaks and one or two longer breaks “in the green” so that the dog can move and work out sufficiently.

Create your own space in the motorhome, which is exclusively reserved for the dog. Here he can withdraw and be undisturbed. At this place you can place his blanket or dog bed.

What you should have with you on a camper trip for the dog

When traveling in a motorhome with a dog, you should have the following things with you:

  • dog food and treats
  • Feeding and water bowl
  • Medicines, possibly against motion sickness (talk to your veterinarian)
  • First aid kit including tick pliers
  • Leash and car harness with which the dog can be strapped on while driving
  • toys
  • Bedding, blanket or dog bed
  • Kennel / box if necessary

On the campsite

Before you travel, be sure to find out whether dogs are allowed at the destination and what the pet guidelines are on the course. Dogs are not allowed to roam freely on many campsites and must be kept on a short leash. If this is the case, be sure to plan enough exercise for your four-legged friend. For example, go hiking or jogging with him.

At the same time, you need to consider how to safely and well accommodate the dog in the caravan when it is left unattended, because they may be planning a trip without a dog. It is then important that the temperature in the caravan is pleasant and that the dog has enough water available.

In the meantime there are also explicit dog parking spaces. Find out in advance that your camping holiday will then be uncomplicated.

Health and safety of dogs on motorhome trips

As before any longer trip, you should check that all veterinary examinations have been made and that the dog’s vaccination card is up to date. In addition, the dog should be adequately protected against ticks, fleas and other vermin. It’s best to take your veterinarian’s ID and contact details with you to your luggage.

Make sure that the dog is safely on the move while driving. Under no circumstances should the dog be able to walk around in the mobile home while driving. In the event of an accident, this is very dangerous for the dog and the people in the vehicle, the dog practically becomes a projectile. The dog should either travel in a transport box or be protected by a special car seat belt.

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