Train your puppy properly

Train your puppy properly

Dogs in a difficult phase

Doing everything right from the start is the wish of most puppy parents. Many therefore go directly to a puppy school or hire a private trainer.

They practice rewards with him and avoid fearful punishment. Your puppy pays a lot of attention to you, hardly leaves your side and a great relationship develops.

Your puppy will walk safely with you through everyday life and the practiced can be carried out with great certainty. Trained signals such as B. Sit, stay or the recall work great.

You are happy how great your young dog is doing all this.

Fortunately, the pointed teeth now fall out one after the other and the “chiseling” hurts less.

They are happy to have done everything right from the start.

To the point where everything changes:
“Brain closed due to renovation”.

Some earlier, some later. It usually starts shortly after changing teeth.

Suddenly (almost) nothing works anymore.

Your dog keeps moving away from you, the radius increases. He is exploring the environment like never before. Callback is out of the question. Ears are on the move.

Linen handling leaves a lot to be desired. The dog pulls, is in a hurry, runs frantically from right to left.

One sniffing spot after the other is inspected closely. It is marked and, if necessary, urine spots are also licked off.

Your dog is barely responsive, you keep trying to get at it, but it seems like he sold his ears.

Overall, your dog is more susceptible to stress and has difficulty concentrating.

You feel like a pure dog owner. He has everything else on his mind, just not you.

Signals that have worked great so far are forgotten. Sometimes – with little distraction – something works again, but mostly nothing works anymore.

Your dog now classifies stimuli that have never been a problem as threatening, and he suddenly growls at certain things on the way.

Your dog suddenly no longer plays with every dog, but selects its friends precisely. He is sometimes very repellent to foreign dogs.

Your dog shows other dogs to show behavior and there are also one or the other conflict.


Wondering what you did wrong, searching the internet for answers. Get a second opinion from another trainer.

You get answers like:

  • Your dog is now testing you. You can’t let him go through that now.
  • He is now bully, now you have to be careful.
  • He’s dancing on your nose, don’t put up with it.
  • Now he’s going to be dominant, show him you’re the boss.

A vicious cycle begins.

Now in this important, highly sensitive phase, many people are punishing themselves. Now that it is so important to help the dog and not to work against him. Now that he needs a lot of understanding for his development, now his person is becoming stupid to him.


He will not associate your “enforcement” with his behavior. As well … His brain is closed because of remodeling. Just as he cannot recall certain things that you have trained with him, he cannot understand why you are now upset and punished.

Rather, he is overwhelmed and flooded with stimuli. Quite often he cannot behave differently!

He no longer understands anything. His caregiver, whom he really needs, is not there for him.

Training on rewards continues to be effective and with what you have built up so far you have created a great basis. This is not gone. What you have just learned is not available at the moment. If your dog is not receptive, stop training. It never arrives!

Remember: No dog does anything to annoy you!

In this highly sensitive phase, it is important to understand what is going on in the dog. Only if you know why your dog is in such a mood and strains your neven, only then can you master the difficult time together and with confidence!

A trainer who tells you that you now have to prevail, to reprimand the dog using physical threats such as pinching or pushing, or to use startling stimuli such as jerky cans to punish behavior, did not understand at all what is currently going on in the living being. Maybe he doesn’t even know the highly complex processes ?!

If you want to know what exactly happens in the brain, you should take this article by Heike Benzing to heart: Adolescence – The fascinating path of youth development

Your dog needs you now!

Therefore, please rely on the trainers who know what is going on in your dog and also when it is tiring and annoying:

Keep going!

You will get a great relationship with your dog, a dog that will trust you, will be closely connected to you and will be completely with you again after the difficult phase!

Do what you have to do!

We are always there for you! … with training, tips and just as a “pastor”, if nothing works again and you would like to sell it on Ebay.

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