This is the best way to challenge your puppy

This is the best way to challenge your puppy

When a new dog comes into the house, the world turns upside down. Owners can do a lot wrong in the beginning. Especially when you want too much.

The first days with a new puppy are exciting – for the family and the dog child. That is why you should give the animals security and protect them from excessive stress, advises Sonja Kraemer from the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare.

Puppies shouldn’t feel alone

The puppy should, if possible, sleep in its own bed at night from the beginning. The basket should, however, be in a quiet, not drafty place near the bed of the new holder. “Some puppies also like it when you cuddle them with your hand while in bed so that they don’t feel alone,” explains Kraemer.

Practical: If the puppy is next to the bed, the owner also notices at night when the animal is restless and has to go outside. And another trick conveys a feeling of security: a textile, such as a blanket that the breeder gives, smells like mother and siblings for the puppy. The baby then feels more comfortable in the new basket.

Slow acclimatization instead of shock therapy

During the day, too, instead of shock therapy, you should settle in slowly. Instead of exposing the puppy to all environmental stimuli such as the subway, bus or train, rest is more helpful.

“First of all he has to get used to the new circumstances in the family, for that alone he needs his time”

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