These are the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world

These are the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world

It is difficult to quantify man’s best friend, but our four-legged partners also have their price – at least when dealing with breeding breeds. However, it is clear that this never corresponds to the emotional value. I’ll show you the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world and their shared history with humans.

The following prices in the list are based on the highest standards of breeding, i.e. purity, health and distribution. Of course, individual dogs can cost a lot less or more. After all, we are not talking about supermarket goods here, but living beings that have had a close relationship with humans for a long time.

If you are looking for a four-legged friend, you should probably just look around at a nearby animal shelter. The dogs not only cost much less there, but usually also need a lot of urgent human care.
Animal shelters are always a good place to start looking for your new dog.

But now it goes to our top 10 list of the most expensive dog breeds in the world!

  1. Akita
    Price of some breeders: around $ 1200 – $ 1500

The loyal guard and pull dog from Japan is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. The breed, which originated from northern Japan, was previously used to hunt black bears and later as a companion to the samurai. During the Second World War, the fur of Akitas had to be used for the production of military clothing, whereupon it was threatened with extinction. Rescues succeeded in crossing and two lines of the breed emerged from it: the Japanese and the American Akita.

  1. Rottweiler
    Price of some breeders: around $ 1500

These specimens come from the German city of the same name, Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg. Here the muscular and intrepid Rottweiler was used as a butcher dog and guardian of the herd of cattle. Its reliability even made it a police and military dog in 1910. By his nature he became a list dog in some federal states. His attitude is therefore only permitted under certain restrictions.

  1. Pomeranian
    Price of some breeders: around $ 2000

The little Spitz is also called Pomeranian (or affectionately “Pom”) because its roots are in the German / Polish Pomeranian region. In the 19th century, the ball of fur also established itself as a popular family dog in England and even made it to the royal family there. Queen Victoria is said to have housed as many as 35 Pomeranians in her palace at the same time and gave the breed its (royal) glory.

  1. Saluki
    Price of some breeders: around $ 2000

In the Middle East, the Saluki has been revered as a loyal hunting companion and partner for thousands of years. The oriental greyhound is worshiped as a gift from Allah and is characterized by its calm nature. Thanks to the high speed, he was also a reliable hunting companion for the Bedouins, who could easily take on rabbits and gazelles. A Saluki puppy costs around $ 2000 on the European market. If you value a purely Arabic lineage, you can quickly add five or even six times as much. For many Arabs, the animal is not only a friend, but also a status symbol.

  1. Peruvian hairless dog
    Price of some breeders: around $ 2500

His name says it all: without fur, the Peruvian hairless dog attracts attention with its bare skin, which is usually black and white dotted. The hairless dog is considered a cultural instance in South America and has already been used in illustrations dating from around 750 BC. Were made, painted. Already the Incas should have made sure that the four-legged friend did not mix with other breeds and also prohibited the consumption of dog meat. In Europe there are only a few breeders of hairless dogs and quite a few dogs are brought by lovers from South America. That makes them rare and all the more sought after (and expensive).

5. Azawakh
Price of some breeders: around $ 2500

Another greyhound! The slender body with long legs originally comes from the southern Sahara region, but the Azakawah is now also widespread in Europe and America. The hardworking and sensitive hunter was a companion of the Fulani and Tuareg for a long time and supplied the nomadic groups with rabbits and gazelles by hunting. If you are interested in this sporty companion, you will certainly notice breeders from France. There the hype about the passionate runner began in the 1980s.

  1. Pharaoh dog
    Price of some breeders: up to $ 6000

The name Pharaoh dog owes its similarity to the images of the Egyptian god Anubis. Although it has its roots in Egypt, it became particularly known in Malta, where it has been used as a hunting dog for thousands of years. Great Britain, in turn, has patronage over the breed: there it has been bred with great effort since the 1960s and used for rabbit hunting. The sporty four-legged friend needs a lot of exercise and exercise as well as an intensive upbringing. However, its elegance and idiosyncrasy have their price and are therefore difficult to get hold of. There have been few litters in Germany in recent years. If you are looking for a pharaoh dog, you must inquire abroad.

  1. Do Khyi
    Price of some breeders: up to $ 6000

The Do Kyhi, or also commonly known as the Tibet Mastiff, has long been a watchdog and protection dog for monasteries and farms in Tibet. In addition, he also accompanied nomads and shepherds on their hikes through the Himalayas and thus became a resistant and defensive dog that snow leopards and bears are said to be afraid of. Not surprisingly, its long and protective fur sometimes makes it look like a bear or lion itself. There are only a few specimens of the breed and a large part has become susceptible to diseases and genetic defects due to the small breeding base. The peaceful animal is also very rare in Europe and therefore has a high price.

By the way: A representative of this breed became the most expensive dog ever. A whole 1.4 million dollars was paid for a gold-colored Tibet mastiff at a luxury pet fair in China in 2014.

  1. Samoyed
    Price of some breeders: up to $ 9,000

The Nordic sled dog has been accompanying people through the cold of Siberia for thousands of years, taking on numerous tasks: Either the Samoyed pulls the luggage with the sled, or he hunts and guards the herd together with its owners. Stories of courageous battles with polar bears are also handed down, but whether these are true has not yet been clearly proven. On the other hand, what is clear is the close and long relationship with people. In 2017, archaeologists found the remains of 9,000-year-old Samoyed skeletons that were so well preserved by permafrost that their use as sled dogs could be documented. Today, the snow-white specimens are extremely rare – and expensive. For breeding specimens with a Siberian line and the very clear snow-white fur, five-digit sums are also due.

  1. Loewchen
    Price of some breeders: up to $ 9,000

Even in the Middle Ages, the French Löwchen was held by the wealthy and the ruling. Many church pictures still contain images of the darlings of the nobility and in the cathedral of Amiens from the 13th century there are even two lions carved in stone. In 1965 the breed was almost completely extinct, there were fewer than 100 specimens worldwide. That made the epitome of the lapdog even more expensive and sought after. In the meantime, the population has recovered, but a lot of money is still required for a purebred dog.

But always keep in mind that the price of a dog does not matter.
Even cheaper dogs from species-appropriate breeding or dogs from your shelter will be your best friend!
A dog will become your companion and best friend for at least ten years.
There is a lot of love in every dog, and every dog wants to send this love to its owner.

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