The way the dog lies down, so is it: in the basket or on the pillow?

The way the dog lies down, so is it: in the basket or on the pillow?

Our dog is an important part of the family and, of course, should be particularly good as such. We treat our animal to delicious food and a quiet place in the apartment, because besides eating, sleeping is one of his favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, many breeds today are so focused on humans that their natural sleeping habits have disappeared. Dog owners must therefore ensure that the dog gets enough sleep – on average 17 to 20 hours a day! Is the dog lying better in the dog basket or in the dog bed?

Dogs need a lot of rest

Exercise is essential for four-legged friends, but dogs need a lot of sleep, significantly more than humans. This includes relaxed rest. It is not uncommon for an adult dog to sleep between 17 and 20 hours a day, puppies, old or sick dogs even more. In the worst case, lack of sleep can lead to aggressiveness, irritability and illness in dogs. Since many dogs are very oriented towards their master, they sleep too little. That’s why it’s important to get the dog to sleep more.

Dog bed or basket?

The basket used to be standard, but more and more specialist dealers are now offering so-called dog beds. The sacks are usually filled with small pearls that leave the dog lying comfortably, but are also very hygienic. The dog beds from smoothy, for example, are filled with such EPS beads and at the same time covered with a dirt-repellent and water-resistant fabric. Such beds are ideal for smaller city apartments when the dog lives close together with their owner, because the odor is low and the beds can be cleaned quickly. Even large dogs are often more comfortable on the beds, which are also available in XXL format.

Dog baskets, on the other hand, are especially good for young and shy dogs, as the high rim offers protection. The dog can retreat better here. On the other hand, the dogs are enthroned on the bed. Four-legged friends in particular, who sleep poorly or too little, should better rest in a basket that stands in such a way that someone does not constantly run past and wake them up. But there are also dogs that quickly feel lonely and excluded, and are therefore better placed in a “busy” place, such as the hallway or the living room. You want to know exactly what is happening. It is important that they come to rest at least in the evening and can sleep undisturbed during the night.

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