The most popular breed of dog

The most popular breed of dog

Exciting news is moving the world of dog owners these days. According to a survey by the Institute for Surveys and Dents, the most popular dog breed of 2020 is not the German Shepherd, the Dachshund or the Caucasian Ovcharka. With over 89%, the norm dog is high on the list of the most popular breeds. I would like to introduce you to these really great dogs today.


The origin of the norm dog has not yet been fully clarified. What is certain is that the norm dog comes from the heads of largely unsuspecting people and has only been able to conquer the hearts of its fans in the last few decades.

Stature and appearance

The norm dog, as it is known in our latitudes, has at least knee height. Standard dog fans like to put on record that anything underneath cannot be described as a dog, at best as a foot horn. Norm dogs are muscular to strong, their ribs are rarely palpable. Their odorless fur is of medium length, dense and soft, but never needs to be brushed. Standard dogs do not change coat, but neither do they have to go to the dog groomer. Their enormous ease of care and suitability for allergy sufferers are decisive aspects that make the standard dog so popular. Norm dogs look unspoilt but urban, funny but stately.

Essence and character

The norm dog is characterized by unconditional loyalty and unconditional obedience. He is in demand as a protection and guard dog, as he defends both his owner and the property. If there is acute danger, it will work immediately; if not, it will not. In the house, with the exception of dangerous situations, the norm dog is quiet and hardly noticeable, not even when visitors come. He has absolutely no problem with being alone for hours, because then he sleeps anyway. However, especially on weekends, the norm dog is extremely lively and happy. Then he likes to walk next to a bike. But he prefers to play. He loves to run uniformly after an old tennis ball or stick for hours. He also likes to play with all the other dogs on busy dog ​​runs, whether he knows them or not. Standard dog males can never be disturbed by bitches in heat; they are always friendly but not intrusive. They like to say “hello” to other dogs, nudge them teasingly and make their owners laugh. Norm dogs inspire with their ability to be called back promptly in every situation. It should be particularly emphasized that the norm dog has no hunting instinct, it generally does not hunt or rummage. In addition, norm dogs are extremely fond of children, they like to be dressed up for carnival or Halloween and pose relaxed for photos. Norm dogs can be touched anytime, anywhere, anywhere and by anyone in any way. They are fearless and innocent, but vigilant. Sensitive, but insensitive. Affectionate but frugal.

Attitude and care

Norm dogs are basically to be described as undemanding. They are grateful for a wicker basket or an old blanket in the hallway and are happy about every outlet. Should this be omitted due to time constraints, they can easily do their business in the garden. Dental care, checking the ears, grooming or paw care are not an issue for the norm dog, as it does all of this itself.


Standard dogs can be fed well with inexpensive dry food, provided that it scored at least “satisfactory” at Stiftung Warentest. They are also happy to receive a can on public holidays, but this is not a must. Since standard dogs do not tend to have any food intolerance, allergies or deficiency symptoms, there are no special considerations when feeding. If the water bowl has not been filled in time, it is not a problem, as the norm dog likes to live close to nature and always finds a puddle.


The norm dog is extremely robust. With the exception of the quarterly wormer and the annual vaccinations, he has practically no contact with the vet. Tumors, inflammation, thyroid or pancreatic malfunction as well as hormonal problems or incontinence are unknown in this breed. Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system have not been found in the norm dog either. The norm dog likes to play with his tennis ball well into old age and jumps into the car without any problems. Even steps or laminate are no reason for the always happy dog ​​not to quickly answer the call of his mistress or master without hesitation. The weatherproof animal does not need a dog coat at any time. The norm dog has a life expectancy of about 16 years, usually he dies peacefully and in excellent health while sleeping.

The norm dog serves many of his fans as the benchmark for dogs in general. Non-dog owners often think of him first when talking about dogs. So far, however, it has not been possible to find the outstanding versatility, tolerance and robustness of the norm dog in other breeds or mixed breeds. Their dog owners find it increasingly difficult to accept that their deficient animal is not a norm dog.

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