The exciting world of the dog nose

The exciting world of the dog nose

Even if you don’t want it, your dog knows where you were!

Dear dog lover,

when I get home my dogs are excited. They are swarming around me, sometimes there is also a little hop, the rods wagging excitedly back and forth and I can literally hear my dogs sniffing me from head to toe.

The greeting is much more than just saying “hello”

While your dog is waiting for you at home, you are moving in a different environment. You go to work, meet strangers there, take a break in a café, drink coffee and eat a piece of cake. After work, you go shopping and walk through the meat and cheese counter. Then you go home by train.
Even if we cannot see and smell it. We have lots of small odor particles. From other people, from the coffee and the piece of cake, also from the meat pack that you had in your hand.
You tell your dog where you were with whom and when. He smells all the little particles on you.

When you come home, you don’t just save your dog from being alone. You also bring a lot of information from the outside world with you. It’s like when your partner is in the hospital, for example, and asks you during a visit: “So what did you experience? How was your day? What is happening out there?”

Your dog smells whether you have had contact with other people, what the weather is like, who you met and how you feel – whether you like it or not.

How you can use this fact

Recording and processing information from the outside world is a versatile activity for your dog. You can take advantage of this in many ways.

Odors from the outside world as employment

My dogs love to examine the shopping basket. The following also applies here: It is not only exciting to check what the mistress brought with her, but also to check where this shopping basket was everywhere and who touched it. I therefore always pack a bag for my dogs for extensive checking. I pack things that my dogs would eat or harm them immediately in a separate bag. My dogs are allowed to examine shopping bags extensively. They enjoy it and are satisfied afterwards.

When I come home from a training course, I smell particularly interesting. Lots of people, lots of dogs, food, hotel smell … This makes the excitement of coming home especially great. After the greeting, I like to change clothes and my dogs can rummage through the used things.

If I go for a walk with my dogs individually, I like to bring some leaves, grass or other things from our walk and distribute them in the garden. This creates a small discovery garden for those who stayed at home.

I am also happy to present strange smells in search tasks such as memory or a simple treat search. This can be cat hair, hair from other small animals or smells from the veterinary practice. There are almost no limits to your imagination. I would avoid sharp smells like alcohol, petrol, tobacco.

If your dog has problems with other dogs

If your dog is unsure of how to deal with fellow species, you can help him by presenting smells from other dogs while he is looking for treats. Please lend your dog friends, towels, blankets, well-known toys or similar to you. You can also stroke a strange dog with a small handkerchief! Present these smells on the floor, for example, and sprinkle treats in between. So your dog can deal with the smell of males, (bitches in heat) or puppies in a relaxed environment, without having to deal with his body language. A first step for successful encounter training.

How long your dog can search

We humans often have the picture in mind that a job is only a job if we do it for at least 15 minutes and then our dog falls into deep sleep for 2 hours.
However, the employment described here is not about occupancy and making you tired. Your dog can explore the outside world and deal with the different smells. Especially if your dog has problems with its environment, this is very strenuous. It is sufficient if your dog only smells the present for a short time. After all, you don’t watch news for minutes and read a newspaper article for 30 minutes. We can only see the surface of our dog. We don’t know what and how long it spits in his head when he smells the smell of a potential competitor or a veterinary practice.

Let your dog decide how long he wants to spend on the scent articles. Don’t persuade him to smell something if he’s not interested. Maybe the smell is unpleasant for him or even triggers worries. Let your dog choose!

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