Recognize and alleviate dog pain

Recognize and alleviate dog pain

Most dogs only show pain and disease symptoms when they are really bad. In order to save the animal unnecessary agony, the owner should examine his dog regularly and observe it closely. Read here what to look out for!

It has long been believed that animals suffer less from pain than humans. This was probably the wrong opinion because animals rarely whine and usually try to hide their pain. Nowadays, scientists agree that animals feel pain as much as we do, and maybe even more so. Because while humans can often explain why they are in pain, the animal suffers “for no reason” – it does not know why it “hurts” so much. And most of the time it can’t help itself.

You have to pay attention to this with your dog

In order to save the dog unnecessary suffering, the quick help of humans is required. But first you have to recognize that your dog is in pain. If the dog limps or dodges touch, this is of course a clear signal. But even with abdominal pain, it becomes difficult to recognize the symptoms. Only pet owners who keep a close eye on their pet have a chance to notice this pain. Because as I said: animals usually try to hide that they are in pain. However, this is not vanity, but an innate behavior: those who show weakness quickly become the victim of an enemy.

Typical signs that the dog is in pain

If the dog is in pain, there is usually a difference to “normal” behavior. You should pay particular attention to these symptoms:

  • Dogs that are in pain often withdraw.
  • You eat less.
  • You avoid going to the bathroom.
  • You breathe faster than usual.
  • They avoid touches.
  • They look more cramped in posture and movement.

There are, however, major differences between dogs in the typical pain symptoms.

Deviating from normal behavior is a symptom

Which pain symptoms a dog still shows depends on his personality. It can be aggressive or apathetic, restless and nervous, or limp and listless. Animals cry out only at the first pain; rarely “whine” or “cry” animals in pain. All that the pet owner usually gets to hear is a low moan. That is why it is so important to know about the normal behavior of your own animal. Only those who know their animal well can see if something is wrong with them.

At the slightest suspicion, go straight to the vet

If you suspect that your dog is in pain, you must go to the veterinarian immediately, you owe it to your animal. Even in the evening or at the weekend there is always a veterinarian on duty. Check with the veterinarian how the emergency services are organized in your area so that you don’t have to ask and search long in case of an emergency. Many owners “wait and see” if there are any more severe symptoms and believe that it can otherwise “not be that bad”. This is a completely wrong approach: if your dog can do no more than to clearly show his pain, he has already had a long suffering and it may even be too late for a cure.

Do not give your dog medication without consultation

It would be completely wrong to give the animal pain medication without consulting the vet. First, because you don’t treat the cause of the pain with the pain reliever, and second, because many pain relievers are toxic to humans for animals. Any sensible pain treatment begins with the search for the cause of the pain. This is often not so easy to find. So be prepared for extensive examinations at your veterinarian. This is sometimes tedious and expensive, but the only way to eliminate the root of the problem.

This is the best way to help your sick dog

In addition to treating the cause, pain control is important so that the animal can recover. Because we now know that chronic pain can itself become the cause of the disease. Meanwhile, veterinarians have effective pain relievers for animals. Your task as the owner of an animal will be to make sure that it actually swallows its medication and not spit it out and to make life as pleasant as possible, because fear and stress can intensify the pain.

Be a support for your animal. The calmer you are, the more secure your animal will feel. The more fuss you make about it, the more unsettled it will be. Make it a quiet place for it to retreat to when it needs rest. For dogs in particular, it is also important not to be excluded. They should be able to watch their family from their sickbed. Many pains can also be alleviated by warm or cold packs. Talk to your vet about what he recommends in your particular case.

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