Raising the dog: where and who?

Raising the dog: where and who?

They should not only provide variety when playing, but also in education. Involve the whole family and change the training location more often.

Involve the whole family
Within a family, the question of who is responsible for bringing up the dog shouldn’t really arise. Because the correct answer is: everyone! Of course, the entire clan shouldn’t make a pilgrimage to the dog school every week, but at least the adults should take turns. Larger children should also be included. Even if you do not want them to take the dog school lessons, regular practice with the animal should already be possible.

There are no false links
If you insist that the whole family help with the upbringing, you kill several birds with one stone. You are relieved yourself. The others almost automatically learn how to handle the animal correctly. Because of course not something is practiced, but strictly according to the specifications of the dog school. After all, what you have learned should sit until the next hour, right? And you avoid one of the biggest traps that lurk in dog training: Namely, that the dog connects the exercise with certain places, conditions or people. These are the dogs that are almost perfect in the dog place and mutate into small beasts outside. They have learned that they have to obey in the dog place. And only there, because you have never trained with them anywhere else. Or you only practice when you are alone with the dog. Then he may think that the rules are lifted as soon as a second person comes into the room. The dog brain can create the strangest connections! The human way too. Or why do you think of grandma when you smell poppy seed cake?

Variety for the dog
The problem (with the dog) practically takes care of itself if you do the exercises in different places, in different situations and have them carried out by family members. Variety is good for the dog’s head – this applies not only to play, but also to upbringing.

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