The most common causes of “undesirable behaviors” in dogs mostly result from a lack of understanding of the nature and the way our dogs communicate. Unfortunately, humans tend to impose human ideas on dogs.

As a result, the dog does not see clear and confident leadership in his human. There are misunderstandings, problems and even accidents.

With dogs, the law of the strongest applies and he needs clear rules. Humans enforce these rules impressively not by hitting, shaking and screaming, but by loving consistency and continuity.

In addition, we must not forget: There is no such thing as a 100% dog. A dog always remains a wild animal to some extent, whose typical behavior, facial expressions and body language must be understood. Being able to correctly interpret and interpret your dog’s behavior is part of what constitutes good dog training.

Dogs like to hold onto their tenaciously earned privileges. The four-legged friend gets the privileges when he has learned to use his human’s “weaknesses” to his supposed advantage, in order to have as much freedom of action as possible.

But if he has too much freedom, he is overwhelmed with the situation of taking responsibility and making independent decisions, which makes him an insecure dog.

It is the duty of humans to give the dog security and not to overlook every stubbornness, shrewdness and cheek out of misunderstood love. Otherwise, the four-legged friend takes over the pack without the human being aware of it.

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