On vacation with the dog

On vacation with the dog

Dog owners have to come to terms with all sorts of restrictions, be it in the normal daily rhythm or in everyday work. And also on vacation, consideration must be given to the dog, regardless of whether it is a short trip to neighboring countries or a three-week family vacation.

But what should / should dog owners consider if they want to go on vacation with their four-legged friend? We have put together a few food for thought for our readers from the nutricanis dog blog:

Dog friendly accommodation

The most important thing of any vacation planning with the dog is of course the accommodation. Dog-friendly hotels can already be recognized by the fact that not only dogs are allowed, but the bringing of animals is explicitly advertised. Dog owners are a factor that should not be underestimated for the tourism industry, which is why many hotel and holiday resort operators have adjusted to them.

The return trip

Flying is extremely problematic, even if the dog weighs less than 8 kg and can be transported in the passenger area. Therefore, if possible, dog owners should avoid flights and see if there are other alternatives. The stress factor for the animals is simply enormous, especially when they are long distances and the animal has to travel in the cargo area. On the other hand, longer breaks should definitely be planned for car trips – from which ultimately the driver and all other passengers also benefit.

The vet

Are all vaccinations up to date? Is the dog really healthy? Before the vacation, the vet should definitely be consulted for a routine check. Of course there are also veterinarians in the holiday resort, but communication abroad is often problematic. Therefore it is not wrong to take a small medicine chest for (dog) emergencies with you.

Dog beach & Co.

Are there places at the vacation spot where dog and animal feel equally good? After all, a beach vacation poses some problems if there is no dog beach nearby. Therefore, it is better to think about what leisure activities are waiting for in advance – as is well known, dogs are not allowed in the Louvre and many other museums.

Pet ID

If you are going to another European country, it is essential to remember the pet ID. Without it, the animal cannot even enter the country. Therefore, make sure to get your pet passport at the veterinarian in good time and bring the vaccinations up to date.

Lining, cups, toys

If dogs cannot be in their familiar surroundings, then it is at least helpful if as much as possible is taken from the familiar surroundings. First of all, of course, “his” basket, but also the dog’s favorite toy. And, not unimportant, the usual dog food and dog snacks.

If you follow these tips, there is nothing standing in the way of a perfect holiday with your dog – except maybe the weather, but it is well known that it is not in human hands …

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