How much does your dog drink? – Quantity can indicate illness

How much does your dog drink? – Quantity can indicate illness

Four-legged friends drink more than usual, especially in the summer months. However, drinking too much can also indicate a clinical picture. How can you find out how much the dog is drinking?

“My dog ​​drinks so much, is that normal?” The vet is often asked. If he wants to know how much the four-legged friend actually drinks, the dog owner usually cannot answer that. So animal owners must first determine exactly how much the problem child is consuming, explains Tina Hölscher, veterinarian at the Aktion Tier organization.

How is it measured correctly?

The best way to do this is to put a measured amount of water in the water bowl in the morning. The next morning you measure what is left. However, the amount of fluid that is absorbed through the feed must also be added. This is the only way to get exact values.

For example, canned food contains 80 percent liquid – a 400-gram can thus adds 320 milliliters of water. With pure dry feed, on the other hand, this moisture content does not apply.

Do not falsify the result

On the day of measurement, great care must be taken to ensure that the animal does not drink from puddles or streams. That would falsify the result, so the veterinarian. Your rule of thumb: On days without extreme temperatures and average activity, 100 milliliters of water per kilo of body weight would be healthy. A ten-kilo dog, for example, shouldn’t need more than a liter of water in 24 hours.

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