How much does a dog cost per month?

How much does a dog cost per month?

Vets, insurance, food and much more are sent to all dog owners’ wallets every month. We wanted to know exactly and have asked dog owners across Germany about their monthly expenses. Spending on a dog a month depends on several factors. For example, how much food ends up in the food bowl or how many expenses for veterinary treatment.

Cost over the course of a dog’s life

  • Acquisition cost
  • Cost of basic equipment (leash, collar, harness, dog bed, dog bowls, toys, tick tongs, dog brush, etc.)
  • Veterinary expenses and medication
  • Costs for dog food, treats and chewing items
  • dog tax
  • Dog liability insurance
  • Possibly. Health or surgery insurance
  • Possibly. Dog school or dog club
  • Possibly. Dog sitting or dog boarding
  • Possibly. Dog groomer
  • Possibly. Dog license test or other tests, exhibitions or essence tests
  • Irregular costs such as replacing broken or old dog accessories
  • funeral expenses

$ 12,000 to $ 20,000 for a dog’s life

Measured in money, the average dog’s life in this country costs $ 12,000 to $ 20,000 spent on food, toys, collars, insurance premiums, dog schools, medicines, visits to the veterinarian and hairdresser.

Toys or accessories play a subordinate role in the expenses of dog owners who were surveyed by dogfish across Germany from futalis: only 4 percent of the total expenses are incurred for this category.

For health and dog food, dog owners put their hand in their pockets

Dog owners are not afraid of costs when it comes to the health of their dogs: nutrition and veterinary care in particular are gaining in importance and make up 92 percent of the total expenditure. According to a study from 2002, five billion dollars are raised each year.

Fifty-four percent spend up to $ 60 on feeding their dog. 14 percent of respondents said they invested over $ 90 to feed their pet a healthy diet. The futalis survey thus underscores a general trend: dog owners are now turning to high-quality, health-oriented products. Premium food with a health focus has become increasingly important in recent years. From 2002 to 2012, sales increased by 68 percent, as the market research company Euromonitor determined in an international study.

Monthly expenses for dogs

We have highlighted the monthly costs that a dog owner has to bear for you.

Dog Food
The feed costs vary – depending on the amount of feed (depends, among other things, on the size of the dog), type of feeding (dry food, wet food or BARF) and depending on how many treats and chewing items are still given. This can cost about $ 10 to $ 100 a month.

Ideally, dogs receive a feed that is tailored to their needs and contains high-quality raw materials. For example, a tailor-made feed ration from futalis for an adult Labrador bitch with 25 kg in our practical feed subscription costs around $ 50.


Dogs should be presented to their veterinarian for a health check at least once a year. Regular vaccination and deworming is recommended. If the dog is healthy and receives no treatment besides deworming and vaccination, you should still expect around $ 100 to $ 150 a year, or about $ 8 to $ 13 a month. There may also be additional costs for the treatment of injuries, the removal of tartar, castration or other operations. The cost of this can quickly go into the four-digit range when it comes to major operations or lengthy treatments.

Dog tax

The amount of dog tax is determined differently from municipality to municipality. Dog owners usually pay $ 50 to $ 180 a year. Some municipalities charge a higher fee for so-called “list dogs” and from the second dog. So for a dog, you can count on $ 8 a month. Dog owners can find out the exact amount from their community.

Dog owner liability

In many federal states, dog owner liability is required by law. In other federal states it is not or only compulsory for certain breeds. But here, too, insurance is recommended to all dog owners. Because in the event of an accident or other damage caused by the dog, the owner must bear the costs. As a rule, dog boarding schools, dog schools or dog hotels also require proof of liability insurance. There is no uniform amount here. Depending on the provider and coverage, dog owner liability costs between $ 4 and $ 10 a month, or around $ 50 to $ 120 a year.

Dog health insurance and OP insurance

In the case of surgery insurance, the costs are covered in the event of an operation. This costs between $ 10 and $ 25 a month. Dog health insurance covers additional costs such as vaccinations, worming or the removal of tartar. With health insurance, dog owners should expect $ 40 to $ 60 a month. Before taking out surgery or health insurance, keepers should find out exactly which treatments are covered.

Dog school or dog sports club

For socialization in a puppy group, for employing the dog, for preparing for an exam or individual training for specific problems – attending a dog school can be useful for various reasons. In an association, an annual amount is usually payable, in dog schools the prices vary depending on the course booked. An hour in a puppy course or upbringing, for example to prepare for the dog license exam, costs between $ 10 and $ 20 for 60 minutes. So if you attend a fixed course once a week, you should expect $ 40 to $ 80 a month.

Irregular costs

In addition to the costs already mentioned, unscheduled costs can also arise. Dog accessories such as toys, leashes or the dog bed can break or have to be replaced at some point. Repair and cleaning costs can also arise – especially if the dog is still young. Special dietary feed may be necessary due to illnesses, obesity or allergies. Or a vacation is coming and during this time costs for a vacation care or a dog sitter have to be spent. Some dog breeds require a visit to a dog groomer.

Example calculation: This is how much a dog costs per month

Our sample calculation is based on a healthy, medium-sized dog who attends a dog school once a week, has a feed subscription and has OP insurance.

Veterinarian (regular check with vaccinations and worming)

$ 8 a month

$ 96 annually

Dog food in the feed subscription

$ 49 a month

$ 588 annually

Dog tax in some countries

$ 8 a month

$ 96 annually

Dog owner liability insurance

$ 6.50 a month

$ 78 annually

Dog school (training course, once a week)

$ 52 a month

$ 624 annually

OP insurance

$ 20.50 a month

$ 246 annually

Irregular costs (e.g. replacing broken toys and buying a new leash)

$ 10 a month

$ 120 annually


$ 154 a month

$ 1,848 a year for a dog (Of ​​course, costs that we haven’t listed here should also be included. Better have a little more money ready for your dog)

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