How many hours a day should a dog sleep?

How many hours a day should a dog sleep?

The dog’s sleep behavior is very different from human sleep. The dog is a day dozer because of its origin. The dog’s sleep behavior changes between dozing and deep sleep phases. Dogs can fall asleep in a few seconds, but are immediately wide awake when approached unfamiliarly. Dogs also process their day’s experiences while sleeping.

That is why the dog needs more sleep than humans. On average, an adult dog needs 17 to 20 hours of sleep and rest periods a day. Puppies, seniors and sick dogs even take 20 to 22 hours.

Scientific experiments have shown that sleep is more important to dogs than food. Dogs were prevented from sleeping by acoustic means. In a short time, all of her life functions were disrupted. In sleep deprivation, 5 phases have crystallized:

The studies have also shown that the phases of the different breeds are different. Retriever breeds become chronically ill more quickly, while terrier breeds tend to show aggressive behavior.

That is why it is particularly important to ensure that your dog has enough sleep and rest. Often the dogs do not find their own rest and you have to help them. The ups and downs are that the dog has a resting place where he is not constantly disturbed. I recommend getting the dog used to a box for this. This box should become his comfort zone and cave, where he can sleep in peace.

My experience has shown that many behavioral problems come from insufficient rest and sleep phases and are often confused with underemployment. The dog constantly demands attention and you try to do more with the dog with even more activities. The devil spiral turns into a pure catastrophe. Scientific studies have also shown that the stress hormone cortisol takes a few days to be broken down in the body. That means with a single sleep a chronically stressed dog will not find its rest. Here you have to work specifically on regular rest training for the dog.

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