Holidays with dogs: expert tips

Holidays with dogs: expert tips

No matter if you are on a lake or hiking holiday – the dog is with you. This is not a problem these days, because many hotels and guest houses offer dog-friendly arrangements. We asked the expert Sabine Sinzig, owner of the holiday portal holidays with pets, about everything to consider when traveling with a dog. It provides tips on holiday equipment and safe travel.

When is the best time to travel with a dog?

Dog owners particularly like to travel in the off-season, but you will find a suitable offer all year round to take the dog with you on trips. Because “not only the requests from dog owners for attractive and dog-friendly accommodations are showing strong growth, but also the offers of upscale vacation homes for guests and their loved ones,” says expert Sabine Sinzig.

In addition to holidays in spring or autumn, winter holidays and sports with dogs are also popular. If vacations on the beach are planned, dog owners should inform themselves exactly when the beaches are released for dogs, as otherwise penalties may arise.

That belongs in dog luggage

If you are going on vacation with your dog, you should think about the necessary equipment in advance and inform yourself about the entry requirements of the respective country. Because “in some countries, carrying or attaching a muzzle, such as B. in Austria, compulsory, ”says Ms. Sinzig. “A well-stocked travel pharmacy and a current EU pet passport are also a must for every vacation with your dog.” Not to forget everyday accessories such as food and drinking bowls, linen, poop bags, toys and food.

The expert for holidays with dogs also recommends that you bring your own dog bed “so that dogs feel safe even in unknown surroundings and have a familiar retreat”. In addition, towels, brushes and, if necessary, dog shampoo should be included in the luggage to dry the dog and clean its paws.

Feeding on vacation

Dog owners take the holiday ration of the usual food for their animal best from home. Especially with large dogs, this accounts for a not inconsiderable proportion of the luggage. It is not recommended to buy the dog food directly at the vacation spot to save space in the trunk or flight luggage. On the one hand, you cannot be sure that you will find dog food that meets your needs. On the other hand, a sudden change of food, especially during holiday stress, stresses the dog’s intestine and can damage the sensitive intestinal flora. The unpleasant consequences are diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Especially when the vacation is to take place in a climatically changed region, be it a hot beach vacation in the south or a strenuous mountain tour, the food should be easily digestible. If necessary, the change to a new dog food should be made a few weeks before the start of the holiday trip. Then the organism can adjust to the changed composition. At futalis, dog owners can order customized feed for their dog in pre-packaged daily rations. We take care of the filling and packaging of the food for the holiday trip for you and your dog.

Health care before and on vacation

When traveling abroad, dog owners should make sure that the dog is sufficiently vaccinated. The veterinarian or the respective national embassy provide information about the entry requirements in the holiday destination. When traveling abroad, all vaccinations must be entered in the pet passport. In southern countries, dog owners should protect their companion from exotic parasites that can transmit leishmaniasis or babesiosis. Veterinarians clarify suitable preparations before departure. The important questions of where to find the nearest veterinarian in the holiday resort and where dog owners can turn in an emergency must also be clarified before departure.

Safe travel with your dog

Dogs should always be secured in the car. This is required by law in all European countries. Separating grids, transport boxes or TÜV-approved dog safety belts ensure safe transport. To prevent the dog from vomiting in the car, it is advisable not to feed the dog immediately before the trip or during the trip. However, water should be offered regularly.

“Especially in summer and also for a short vacation with a dog, the four-legged friend shouldn’t be left alone in the car in hot weather. Dogs can withstand high temperatures above 40 degrees for a maximum of 15 minutes because they cannot sweat. Adequate indoor ventilation, water and breaks must always be provided on the trip, ”advises Sabine Sinzig. For air travel, it is advisable to choose a dog-friendly airline. Otherwise it can happen that the dog crate is transported between the luggage in an unheated cargo hold and that no supply is possible during the flight. If the dog suffers from severe travel sickness when driving a car or from fear of leaving when traveling by plane, various medications are available from the veterinarian to calm him down.

Walking, beach or wellness holidays with your dog

Holidays in the mountains, on the beach, in a hotel or in a holiday home: “The selection is large and the range of dog-friendly holiday domiciles varied – dog courses, agility offers with their own hall at the house, wellness for dogs and owners, Reiki offers, dog care – nowadays everything is possible and there is something for every taste ”. Portals such as “holidays with pets” help dog owners find the right offer for them.

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