Here are some tips to help you train your dog’s nose

Here are some tips to help you train your dog’s nose

Sniff or sniffing world champion: There are many nicknames for dogs and their fine olfactory organ. With a few tricks, people can help their friends with their nose work.

During their daily walk, they stop every few meters and sniff: What is annoying for some dog owners is a basic need for their four-legged friends. “For us humans, it is comparable to reading the newspaper or an informative meeting with friends,” explains the veterinarian. Therefore, the dogs should not be prevented from sniffing everything and everyone, but should be supported.

Small search games are ideal for keeping your dog busy. Hiding small treats in tree bark, on benches or under leaves goes down well with most animals. To lay a trace of the delicacies is a nice change for four-legged friends.

There are sniffing carpets for the home

The sniffing nose can also be trained at home. Special sniffing carpets are available in specialist shops. Those who are creative and like to do handicrafts can also make a search box out of cardboard. Dog owners can hide a treat or their favorite toy in it – it’s not just a small snack, but also mental training for the animals.

So that the dog’s mucous membranes do not dry out during all the strenuous nasal work, people should make sure that their animal consumes enough water. “”While working with the nose, dogs breathe in and out up to 300 times a minute, and panting and sniffing make them lose a lot of water,” warns the vet.

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