Happy (and safe) Christmas with the dog

Happy (and safe) Christmas with the dog

Christmas is just around the corner and pretty much every dog ​​owner is looking forward to nice and contemplative days with family, friends and of course the beloved four-legged friend. Quite a few dog owners even give their dogs Christmas presents, after all, they are also a “family member”! So that the Christmas party with the dog is also nice and, above all, safe, the nutricanis editorial team has put together a few tips on everything to do with dogs and Christmas.

Beware of the overstimulation of dogs at Christmas

People know it well enough: instead of celebrating a contemplative festival, not only do the days in the run-up to Christmas come down, but also the Christmas days in stress. The appointment calendar is so tightly filled that acquaintances, friends and relatives put their hands on the handle.

The dog can be even worse at Christmas. Because the stress on Christmas days is often accompanied by its overstimulation. On the one hand, the dog is happy about familiar faces, on the other hand, “strangers” penetrate its territory. If they bring their own dogs with them, both stress and joy increase. And all this with a totally different daily routine. Dog owners should therefore do as many “normal”, familiar things as possible at Christmas. So keep the usual times when walking the dog, feed at the usual time and give the dog soothing pats. Very important: Especially when there are children and other dogs, dog owners should make sure that their four-legged friend always has a retreat at Christmas where he can be alone.

Beware of candles, fir tree & Co.

Of course, dog owners should exercise particular caution with the usual Christmas decorations. Even calm dogs, who know how to “behave” on normal days, can go crazy because of the overstimulation at Christmas. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid burning candles as much as possible at Christmas – or to put the candles where the dog is guaranteed not to get.

“Guaranteed not to get there” does not include the higher regions of the fir tree. Many a dog has already cut down the tree at Christmas, burning candles can cause a real catastrophe in this case. In general, it is advisable to set up the tree so that it is safe from the dog. So either put a small tree on a high base or anchor the tree extra firmly.

Not for dogs: sweets and alcohol

Candy should be just as inaccessible as candles. Even if dogs like to eat sweets, this in no way means that sweets are suitable as dog food. In contrast to the sugar-free dog snacks specially designed for optimal nutrition, the dog’s gastrointestinal tract is simply not set to chocolate etc. You don’t do your dog a favor with sweets, but harm the animal – not to mention the extra winter bacon. Therefore, please always keep an eye on whether the dog is secretly using the Advent sweets and never leave them alone in a room with chocolate, roasted almonds and other Christmas sweets.

Alcohol is worse than sweets – in humans, but especially in animals. Dogs can even get a hangover, and that’s far from fun. Therefore it is by no means “funny” when dog owners give their four-legged darling alcohol “exceptionally for the feast””. And even with (half) empty bottles and glasses, dog owners should be careful, because some dogs have already secretly licked them out. With bad consequences.

Therefore: caution is better than forbearance, heed a few rules, and nothing stands in the way of a nice and contemplative Christmas for dog and dog owner! The DogTipsBlog team wishes you a nice Christmas season. Do something good for yourself and your dog, enjoy the contemplative time.

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