Dogs standing in the way

Dogs standing in the way

Dogs, it is said, show us what is really important in life. Occasionally I am not entirely sure that this is true. My animal, for example, is able to easily sleep through news of earthquakes, a nuclear power plant disaster or a rampant pandemic. Even if I accidentally cut off my fingertip while chopping carrots or I lose an important customer, my animal will feel little interest in what is happening. However, if I open the packaging of a printer cartridge, it gets excited. Inking my eyelashes can also release tension, as can cleaning the dog basket. Banned tension is expressed in the first phase by jumping up, waving and looking intensely, in the second and decisive phase by a great passion of my dog: standing around in the way. The bun is capable of standing awkwardly where it shouldn’t be right now. Standing around in the way is mainly triggered by the following situations:

  • Carrying heavy and / or bulky objects that are red-hot or filled with large amounts of water
  • Circumstances that require very quick action, such as a milk pot boiling over, the threat of a curtain rod falling or covering severely bleeding wounds
  • Trouble caused by non-functioning electrical devices, technical failures or operating instructions of inferior quality
  • All situations in which you are in a hurry.

The animal is able to recognize these circumstances immediately and to decelerate in its capacity as a horizontal obstacle. Experienced dog trainers among the readers could now interject that these situations could simply be resolved by a quick click, which tells the dog that he has to go to the basket immediately and without further detours. In practice, my clicking ability in the above cases leaves a lot to be desired. At most, I manage to squeeze out of the way with the greatest tension, which I feel sorry for while speaking because it sounds disproportionately impolite. The animal then also begins a non-verbal round of questions in which it tells me – only with glances – something like: “Did I do something wrong? But what? What are you doing there anyway? Can I help? Are you angry Is it because of me? Shall we go away? What’s in there? Are you good again Will there be food soon? “During the cannonade of questions, the animal prances next to and in front of me and strains my nerves to the extreme. Then it stands again. In the way.

I am of the opinion that this outstanding characteristic of dogs is not given enough attention and is hardly used. For example, one could replace barrier systems in parking garages or turnstiles in parks and cemeteries with dogs. The dog on duty will automatically and instinctively go in front of people or vehicles when they want to pass. Millions of unemployed dogs could thus gain access to the primary labor market. If the physical strain becomes too great in old age, they could switch to departments where another outstanding talent of dogs is required: lying around in the way. A great help, especially in these times, for example as access restriction in front of dining rooms or as a spacer in retail. It is high time that such valuable qualifications were finally recognized more.

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