Dogs in the workplace

Dogs in the workplace

Dogs at work provide a breath of fresh air and a great working atmosphere

Dogs are our best friends and are always loyal companions. Your eyes can caress our soul and conjure up a smile on our face. Unfortunately, there are not many employers who allow dogs in the workplace. But one thing is certain: dogs ensure the general well-being of employees and have a positive effect on the working atmosphere. They improve mental and physical health and improve commitment, motivation, loyalty and creativity.
Office dogs have a huge advantage over dogs of working people who have to be left alone at home. A dog that is allowed into the office always stays in the vicinity of its owner, and is therefore less likely to suffer from fear. Since he also gets a few cuddling units from colleagues here and there and therefore always enjoys a little bit of work, office dogs are more balanced and satisfied. An occasional loving nudge from the side allows us to avert our rigid gaze from the computer for a little love affair. If the cuddly ball of fur sits upright next to us and looks at us attentively and wagging its tail, with loving dog eyes, we often cannot resist either: a delicious dog biscuit is needed to spoil our fur nose with a little snack in between.

High quality dog ​​snacks provide a healthy alternative in between

In order to avoid allergies and food intolerances in dogs, just as with the choice of daily dog ​​food, attention should also be paid to high-quality and tolerable products when it comes to dog snacks. nutricanis represents the nutritional philosophy of healthy, species-appropriate dog nutrition, and also recommends variants without cereals, gluten, artificial additives and sugar for nibbles. In the nutricanis product range you can choose dog treats with a clear conscience.

What you should also not forget for the dog in the workplace

So that your dog is really comfortable at work, a cozy dog ​​bed in the form of a blanket, a basket or a dog pillow should not be missing. Here, the comfort factor for the dog comes first. There are now so many different variants, materials and designs for the dog beds that it can be selected to match the interior or as a chic eye-catcher in the office. Home and living shops like Westwing create a nice ambience at home and in the office.

It is particularly important that your hairy office mate is adequately supplied with water. If your dog also receives meals during the day, a food bowl should not be missing in addition to a bowl that is always filled with water. If your work rooms do not have closed doors, it is better to keep your dog on a leash. A slightly longer towline is a great way not to restrict your dog’s range of motion too much. In this way, the satisfaction of the dog, the dog owner and the work colleagues can be guaranteed at the same time.

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