“Dogs do it that way with each other”

“Dogs do it that way with each other”

This text is a somewhat prettier excerpt from a Facebook discussion, so is the writing 🙂

Do you think it is right to jostle, nudge or threaten body language? Do you think your dog understands this because “dogs do it that way with each other”?

Then you forget something:

If you jostle, nudge or threaten body language, then you just pick a few things from the huge world of communication among dogs that just fit into your stuff. You hope that you can implement them and that the dogs will already understand what you want, because dogs also communicate with each other.

What you completely forget: you are a human being! You cannot communicate like a dog, but you lack the dog’s body and the corresponding senses. You could never convey the subtleties that a dog brings across. You are simply not physically capable of this. You have neither a snout nor fur that you can buckle. You also cannot move your rod in such a way that it reflects a certain emotional expression (if you can, please let me know). You cannot put your ears up or put them on. You cannot communicate like a dog.

Of course you can jostle, threaten or nudge. Depending on the dog, this intimidates the dog (or not …) and that’s why you inhibit its behavior. But you don’t believe for five seconds that your dog thinks that you are a dog, that you are communicating like a dog and that he would “understand” you because of that. So it makes no sense to say you block or poke because dogs do the same thing to each other.

You block or nudge because you want to inhibit behavior. As a human!

This statement “Dogs do it with each other” is simply not true because dogs communicate with each other differently than we humans. And you can’t do that because you are physically unable to do it.

With your “dogs do that too” you only stand in your way because you cut off the possibility of communicating with your dog differently than supposedly dog ​​body language.

And there is actually another way: If you ever get away from always writing “Dogs do that too” and sometimes go over to writing “I block, etc., because I want to inhibit behavior”, you are suddenly on the training track and you can think about “Is there another way? Just as a human being?”. And only then does a thought process start …

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