Does my dog love me 10 signs that prove it

Does my dog love me 10 signs that prove it

Does my dog ​​love me When we love someone, we naturally care if they feel the same way we feel for us. We also want to be able to read the signs with our canine buddies, with which they let us know that they have us in their hearts as much as we do them. But dogs have other ways of showing their love. And they cannot express “I love you” in words. But they find other lovable ways to show us how much they like us. It’s easier than you think to see these signs. Because the ability to understand the language of our beloved dogs slumbers in each of us.

We’ll show you the ten surefire signs that your dog’s heart is beating for you. And wag his tail for you. First and foremost, it is important to realize that your own instinct is a very decisive factor in understanding your dog’s language. Just as our furry friends rely entirely on the natural repertoire of their instincts, instincts are also a reliable guide to us when it comes to understanding the language of our friends on four paws. For this reason, the next ten points can only represent a rough guideline, an orientation, which does not claim to be exhaustive. Perhaps your dog will find other ways besides the ones mentioned here to show you his love for you. The better your relationship with him, the better you will be able to read the signs of his affection for you.

Your fur friend looks deep into your eyes

He brings the deepest Dachshund look when he looks you in the eye. Shepherds, golden retrievers or all other breeds can also master this dachshund look – just like all imaginable promenade mixes. If the dog anchors himself deeply in yours with his gaze, this indicates love that is at least as deep as the gaze with which he looks at you. Studies have shown that your dog’s oxytocin levels go up while he looks at you so closely. This is the hormone that triggers feelings of intense attachment in people too.

He is always by your side

If your dog loves you, nowhere is he more likely than by your side. Unlike a person, he does not need phases of retreat from his loved one in the sense, but experiences the place at the side of his favorite person as the most beautiful place in the world. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like the space on the bowl or in his basket. But above all, he loves to accompany you everywhere. Regardless of whether you go for a walk together or cook in the kitchen – ideally one or two bites fall to the floor for him. (Please note that it should be easily digestible for your beloved dog, which is not the case for many foods preferred by humans!)

He makes you a great gift

In Bello’s case this is of course not an 18-carat gold ring, but – much better: his favorite bone, of which he is mightily proud. Giving your dog away his toys is an unmistakable sign of love. However, this is especially true if he gives you his toys. If he brings you the toy, but doesn’t want to hand it out to you, then it’s more about an invitation to play.

He has no fear of loss

Fear of loss in dogs could be misinterpreted as a sign of love. In fact, however, it is exactly the opposite: if your dog can be alone and is confident that you will come back, that is a good sign. Even dogs that have experienced loss in the past then show this serenity. If he can be alone, it also shows that he accepts his owner as a leader – which is very desirable. The dog accepts that the “boss” has decided to leave. If the dog is very happy to see you again, but is not overly excited or even cranky when you say hello, that is a good sign. Too much excitement can also be an expression of dominant behavior towards you.

Your dog will jump up on you

This sign, which is often interpreted as an indication of love, has another meaning: It is an expression of dominance behavior. If the dog shows such behavior, you should not react to it with overly excited, joyful behavior. Because that would signal to the dog that you are inferior to him. That would create difficulties in your relationship with one another. Of course you can show joy too. However, you should always exude calm and sovereignty.

Your fur friend comforts you

Because of his perfectly functioning instincts, the dog has a very clear sense of how his master is doing. If he senses that you are not doing well, he will do everything possible to cheer you up by being around you. The question “Does my dog ​​love me?” answers itself here.

Your darling shows care

If he has the feeling that you are in danger, he will protect you in front of you. At the same time, this behavior must be viewed critically insofar as the dog does not see you as a leader who has the situation under control. You should always convey to your dog through authentically confident demeanor that your furry friend on four paws can fully rely on you and that you are in control of the situation.

He wags his tail

If your Canadian buddy moves his tail sharply from one side to the other in greeting, this expresses his intense joy. This is a clear sign: He is happy that you exist – because he loves you. It is mostly like that. However, you should be aware that wagging the tail basically says nothing more than that the dog is aroused. The other accompanying circumstances indicate whether it is a joyful excitement. If the dog is afraid, he will wave his tail, which is lowered and somewhat stiff. The position of the ears should also be taken into account when interpreting the signals.

He’s licking you off

The dog seems to regard you as a treat because he licks you off? Licking is to be equated with grooming. He shows that he cares for you. This is a sure sign of affection. If you do not want this kind of showing of love, you should teach it to your dog sensitively, for example by making a compromise in which he only licks your hand instead of your entire face. Otherwise, your dog may feel offended.

Your four-legged friend sleeps with you

It stands to reason: It is a good sign if he likes to be close to you and can sleep well around you. It shows that he trusts you. And this trust is an indication of his deep love for you. Actually, it would be his job to watch over you. But if the dog feels that you radiate security, he can calmly devote himself to sleeping because he accepts you as a sovereign leader. A leader does not need the dog’s protection. However, a leader can do a little scratching his dog’s ears.

Show your dog that you love him – by giving him an authentic, species-appropriate life and by being a leader in your midst. Because these are the greatest tokens of love for your dog.

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