Discdogging – dog frisbee

Discdogging – dog frisbee

Discdogging is a popular dog sport that is based on the Frisbee sport. Similar to throwing Frisbee, the dog’s job is to catch a disc that the owner throws at him.

Various disciplines can be completed at the dog frisbee. The dog must either catch the target as often as possible in a given time and at a certain distance or show different techniques for different throws.

Discdogging emerged as a dog sport in the United States in the 1970s. The trigger for this trend was the spontaneous appearance of the American Alex Stein with his Whippet Ashley during the break of a baseball championship game in 1974. After this excellent discdogging demonstration, euphoria for this somewhat different kind of dog sport quickly broke out.

Discdogging: a creative dog sport for competition and leisure

From athletic catching on time to dynamic choreography, discdogging offers a lot of variety for dogs and owners alike. Dogs and humans train together in a playful way, because above all a harmonious coexistence is crucial for great success. Concentration, skill and physical exertion are also required of the owner as a frisbee thrower.

In discdogging, a distinction is made between three disciplines: With mini-distance, the dog must catch as many throws as possible within one minute. Long-distance points are awarded for the longest throw thrown. In the freestyle discipline, the dog performs a two-minute choreography with musical accompaniment. In combination with different jumps, he has to catch up to seven targets.

Discdogging can be practiced both in competitions and as a recreational sport. Special dog frisbees made of unbreakable materials are suitable as a throwing disc, and the disc should be flexible and not have any sharp edges. The way of the litter should be adapted to the dog breed so that high jumps are avoided in breeds with a genetic tendency to hip problems. A meadow with a soft and flat surface without holes is suitable as a training ground.

Throwing techniques and basic throws

For a good throw, the target should be thrown as flat as possible, so that the trajectory for the dog is easy to estimate and that the target will not fall off to the side. The disc gets the necessary rotation from a fast forward movement of the wrist. The direction of the wind is also decisive: if the throw is made against the wind, the disc rises steeply and falls to the ground. When throwing in the wind direction, the disc falls off too quickly. A throw at right angles to the prevailing wind direction is ideal, provided the wind is not too strong.

The most important basic throws in discdogging are the roller and the backhand. The scooter is not a throw in the real sense, since the disc is only rolled over the floor. Nevertheless, it is one of the competition litters and also serves to train the dog to catch the target. The backhand is the classic Frisbee throw, in which the disc is thrown out of the shoulder in a sweeping movement.

For which dog breeds is discdogging suitable?

Basically, discdogging is a sport for every healthy dog. The height and width of the litters as well as the intensity of the training can be adapted to the respective breed so that the dog is not overwhelmed when properly thrown. However, caution is advised in young dogs that are still in the growth phase. As long as this phase has not yet been completed, jumps should generally be avoided in order not to endanger the development of bones and joints. Furthermore, high jumps are unsuitable for particularly heavy dog ​​breeds and breeds with a genetic tendency to hip problems. To prevent possible injury, every dog ​​should also be examined by a veterinarian beforehand.

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