Being a team

Being a team

Even at school, children learn that they can achieve more in a team than as lone fighters. The very youngest learn in sport and in group work to train their ability to work in a team. Working successfully in a team has something to do with social skills. If you spice up your resume with this “smart soft skill” and don’t really mean it, you will quickly be exposed in your professional life, because you rarely work in a quiet room. Nowhere can you feel “team spirit” more clearly than in team sport, right?

A team is a group of at least two living beings that together solve a task or pursue a common goal. In this context, for me it means: family, community, social skills, communication – and very importantly: trust.

I made a conscious decision to name my dog ​​school “TeamSein”. That is exactly what makes a trusting dog-human relationship! Why is it so often forgotten when it comes to the coexistence of humans and dogs as well as education and training?

Trust and reliability are part of a team. Your dog should be able to trust you in that you mean what you say and that you keep what you promise! It gives the dog security when communication takes the expected course, he knows alternative courses of action and can reliably assess positive and negative consequences. Negative consequence is always possible without violence – it only requires a little brains on the part of the caregiver. Mahatma Gandhi already said: “What can be won by force can only be kept by force”.

Anyone who consciously uses positive punishment (adding an unpleasant stimulus) in dog training should consider that he threatens the safety of his dog. Positive punishment is what is generally understood as punishment, threat and intimidation. Do you like to be threatened? No living being is doing well when its security is threatened. It is security and trust that we should give our dogs every day – and I don’t just mean the security of being full every day.

Do you already see yourself as a real team player in everyday life with your dog? If so, it means that they have the ability to act socially with your dog. Congratulations! You and your dog have a relationship. Relationship is an exchange of behavior, i.e. they can consciously influence how your dog perceives you. Every day you decide anew whether you act as a reliable and credible partner.

The dog is considered man’s best friend.
I think humans should also be the dog’s best friend!

Have a thoughtful walk!

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