Ban private fireworks? Yes, what else!

Ban private fireworks? Yes, what else!

As so often, the new year starts well. In Oklahoma, we look back on 1,222 fire service operations and 433 ambulance operations between midnight and 7 a.m. In particular, calling out the fire brigade is usually paid for by the general public. Just like the time-consuming cleaning of the paths and green spaces and the replacement of the countless blown or melted public garbage cans. Rescue workers were attacked, beaten or pelted with guns several times on New Year’s Eve. It is difficult to understand why it should be allowed to handle explosive substances that endanger people if handled incorrectly on a night when the majority of people on the streets are heavily drunk.

In addition to the destructive mixture of alcohol-related disinhibition and, in the truest sense of the word, flammable fireworks, there is the unprecedented annoyance of people and animals through noise and pollution. Fine dust only makes up part of this. From December 29th Fireworks may be sold, they may be burned from 31.12. Midnight to 1.1. Midnight. The layman does not necessarily understand why it is permissible to greet the New Year with a bunch of noise and dirt for 24 hours. In any case, only a few are interested in the time limit. No sooner have the unwieldy mountains of plastic and cardboard got home than they are being tested. And this is exactly where the madness for sensitive animals begins. I don’t have a chance to protect my dog ​​because I can’t drug him for days to make him endure the madness. The actual turn of the year would not be a problem. Then my dog ​​is tired, in a safe room with me and wants to sleep. This is the easiest way to calm down – thanks to music, Bach flowers, eggnog and body contact.

Doesn’t anyone wear a watch?

But the cozy world war sound outside begins hours and days before. This year I wanted to pee Panini for the last time at 6:30 p.m. – in the sheltered garden. But the plan failed because two firecrackers with an absurd noise level had been detonated nearby. The animal was trembling so badly that it wasn’t even able to make the flight upstairs on its own. It may be that both the Polish crackers and the premature time represent at least an administrative offense. But an administrative offense that is never punished does not need to be defined as such. Nobody suspects the constant, days-long roaring, it is a legal joke.

At 3 o’clock the dog couldn’t take it anymore, the full bladder was too much pressure. We tried again in the garden, but nothing could persuade the animal to enter it. Finally, after almost 30 minutes on the other side of the house, I managed to get the dog to pee, while I kept looking around in order to recognize people armed with crackers in time and to protect the dog.

Today, 1.1. the madness continues (remember – no administrative offense!). On a little walk around we met two groups of young people who burned their supplies listlessly and indiscriminately and threw them in bushes and on a playground and once deliberately in the direction of a dog running in the distance. Probably because being an asshole is such a fine, good old tradition. Without them, as you can clearly see at this point, the West would certainly be in danger.

Then go if you don’t like it!

Firecracker fans reply in such a case that it is your own fault if you are in the city at the turn of the year, after all you can go anywhere where it doesn’t crash. There is, of course, a consistent logic behind this. I am forced to leave my home at the turn of the year, regardless of whether it suits my circumstances or not. I should accept the costs AND, as part of the general public, bear the costs in the city caused by deeply anti-social behavior. That reminds me of another long-running argument about a popular weekly market in my neighborhood, which led to nightly alcohol, noise and pee excesses from party-goers who mostly came specially. The troubled residents, who often lived there long before the first drinking bouts, should move to the Taunus if they don’t like the noise, according to the riot rudis. It’s that simple, you can give way to the anti-social.

But that cannot be the principle of living together – whoever behaves like open trousers wins. I don’t believe in the common sense of the masses, I don’t believe in understanding and consideration in the city. And I don’t believe in administrative offenses that are not punished either. There is only one way to protect the entire community from its most unpleasant members. And these are consistently punished bans and laws.

Update 2.1.2020

Since my anger about the bang – similar to the bang itself – has still not subsided, I read quite a bit on the subject. Interestingly enough, it is often argued that a ban would restrict “freedom”. However, nobody talks about restricting freedom when innumerable pet owners flee to lonely areas, barricade themselves behind roller shutters at the turn of the year and never go to a party so as not to leave their trembling animals alone. Or spend the night in a soundproof hotel at Frankfurt Airport because fireworks are not allowed around the airport area. Is that freedom? Several recent surveys show that a majority speaks out against private firecrackers, so whose freedom is this actually about? Is it really about the freedom of the majority? Or isn’t a minority living here in the truest sense of the word at the expense of the majority?

Monika Dittrich comments on the radio (sorry that I don’t link the junk here) against a ban on the “whataboutisms” so popular in Trump times. What’s next? What about the Munich Oktoberfest? Or the candles on the Christmas tree? Will we also prohibit this in future because it has the potential to cause damage? Such arguments are an insult to the mind. Anyone who does not understand the difference between candles and New Year’s Eve rockets can no longer be helped. And not worth countering.

The statement by Marie-Luise Doett, the environmental policy spokeswoman for the Union parliamentary group, was also cute. She says: “This old tradition that we say goodbye to the old year with proper firecrackers and chase away all ghosts and look forward to the new year – we shouldn’t spoil that.” Regardless of the remarkable fact that rubbish that is wildly shot and thrown into the landscape is given the attribute “tidy” here, I state: The parties who like to see themselves as guardians of the “Christian Occident” would like to “drive away ghosts” . I’ll leave it that way. It remains unclear why ghosts can only be driven away by private fireworks and not by public ones. Like in Paris, Sydney, New York and all the other major international cities that can cope with the “typical” ban on private fireworks.

Another guardian of the West, Gerd Landsberg, managing director of the Association of Towns and Municipalities, says: “What we really have enough are bans, regulations and the like. I don’t think people will accept that. ” So so. So we already have enough bans and regulations. The prohibited hard drive is full, there cannot be any more on it. So let’s be prepared for the fact that there will be no further bans in the future. None against microplastics, none against new pollutants. From now on nothing will be regulated. If we have already done enough, it has to be enough. But wasn’t it actually the job of politics to relax regulations when it makes sense and to impose them when necessary? We live in a tremendously free country, where people don’t even stop at the red pedestrian lights because they see it as an inappropriate restriction. The more politicians speak of a culture of prohibition, the more it becomes embedded in many people that an unbelievable amount is unnecessarily prohibited. It’s populist and at the same time extremely stupid. After all, who was responsible for bans and regulations? Does that make politicians more credible, or do they not rather prove their own ineptitude? In light of the polls mentioned above, the last sentence of Mr. Landsberg’s statement is also interesting. For fear that a minority would not be able to accept a change, politicians stop creating.

It’s still booming outside and my dog ​​doesn’t want to go out in the dark. But it’s good that no one’s freedom was restricted.

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