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Dog trainer with passion.

Hey, my name is Mark and I have been a professional dog trainer for about 20 years. I am concerned with the character of a dog in order to understand the individual dog correctly and to respond to it. I don’t believe in punishment in my trainings, I want to understand the dog and thus enter into him and happily teach him new things.
In my blog I would like to show you some of my techniques. So you can practice these techniques at home with your dog. You will see that a dog can be better taught with understanding and love than with punishment.
I hope you enjoy reading my articles!


If you have any further questions about dogs or dog training, you can write it in my question and answer section. There I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Here is the question and answer area.

I also have some very special offers for you on my website. I have a small online shop on my website where I sell, for example, practical dog accessories or t-shirts with funny motifs.

In my store you will find selected items that every dog fan must have.
We ship our items worldwide!
With every purchase you make here, you support me and my dog school, thank you for that!

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I and my team of dog trainers train a wide variety of dogs and dog breeds every day.
We have a lot of experience with various dogs and their owners, so we can give you good advice here with our articles.

We train daily with our dogs and our dog owners in groups or in individual training. If you are interested in our dog training courses, simply register with us or take a look at our training with the dogs.

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Thank you for the great training. We were able to learn a lot from Mark and were able to understand our dog better. He showed us how to properly handle your dog. Now we and our dog are a great team!
Mila Kunit