About handling your dog

About handling your dog

How do you actually feel as a person when the social partners (parents, friend, man, child, grandma …) with whom you live do not talk to you? How do we actually feel ignorant behavior on the part of people we like?

That’s great? Is it fun? Does trust help? Do we feel comfortable with it?

Not? Hm. Why not?

Because we don’t feel noticed? Not taken seriously in our needs and feelings, wishes and desires? Because we cannot communicate properly? Because we have the feeling that the other person doesn’t like us, doesn’t love us as we love him, even if he provides us with food and everything necessary?

Is “care” enough to be happy? Feeling good? Build trust and further strengthen it?

Not for me and I don’t believe for many other people either.

Please think carefully about your emotions, how you are in such situations when a dog trainer tells you that he or she does not need aids for dog training, not even the language.

Dogs are social beings (perhaps more social than some people) and have the right to be perceived as such. They have a right to have their needs met, depending on race, age and character, of course – but they have the right to do so! When buying a dog, we humans, we dog owners, have a duty to guarantee its care and to meet its needs.

A dog needs to be led around the block a few times a day or to haul its people around on the leash for an hour. Dogs also need a lot more than a place to sit – they need fun, they want to learn and explore, many dogs love it when they are allowed to use their noses, are allowed to search for something, others, in turn, like to learn tricks and also enjoy performing them …, there are so many great activities for our dogs ….

Dogs want to communicate – if you let them and react to them. You have a need to communicate, also to us humans. They show us what they enjoy and enjoy – if you let them, if you look and understand.

Dear dog owners, have a few thoughts, with which you can give your fur noses fun and joy, so that they are well utilized, happy and satisfied. Give your dog feedback if he shows great behavior “on his own”, that is not a matter of course! Talk to your dogs without “talking dead”, tell them how great and great they are – our dogs are very aware of it and yes, they also feel good with it.

A heartfelt thank you!

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