A dog as a Christmas present! Yes or no?

A dog as a Christmas present! Yes or no?

Every year, children and adults in particular have their supposedly greatest wish fulfilled: their own dog as a playmate! However, it is often forgotten that this cannot be exchanged or even returned as easily as a stuffed animal. But the shelters, which were already overcrowded shortly after Christmas, sadly speak a different language. However, the dogs that land here are still lucky. It is not uncommon for the animals to be abandoned somewhere after Christmas and left to their own devices.

But why shouldn’t you want to keep the cute little puppy with the big googly eyes? Dogs can enrich our lives incredibly, no question about it. But they also bring with them just as many obligations! The giving of presents already starts on Christmas Eve, when the pee smell suddenly rises in the nose during dinner, the gifts, furniture and also the Christmas tree are nibbled on and nothing is safe from the frolicking puppy. And then work begins: the puppy should go outside at least every two to three hours to be able to loosen up. And that in any weather. He is also not yet brought up and whines at night because he feels lonely.

So before deciding on a puppy or an adult dog, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it allowed to keep a dog in the apartment by the landlord?
  • Can I afford a dog? Because the acquisition costs alone are not enough. In addition, there are costs for feed, veterinarian, basic equipment, taxes and insurance, dog training, etc.
  • Do I have enough space, both in the house and in the car?
  • Do I have the time to take care of the dog and give him a home for the next few years? Depending on the breed, dogs can live to be 10-15 years old.
  • Are there family / friends / acquaintances who can step in when I’m sick or on vacation?
  • Do all family members agree or does someone even have an allergy to dog hair?
  • Am I willing to do without a lot of things, especially at the beginning? Training a dog takes a lot of patience, understanding and time.
  • Am I physically able to hold the dog?
  • Is it the right time to give a dog a home?
  • Do I want to take in a puppy or an adult dog? Here, too, there are a few things to consider: pedigree or animal shelter dog?
  • How do I find a good animal shelter or a reputable breeder?
  • Which dog suits me, i.e. should it be active or more relaxed, etc.? I am happy to help you with advice before buying a dog.

My conclusion: A dog does not belong under the Christmas tree as a SPONTANEOUS gift! The decision for a dog should not be made carelessly and just for Christmas, but should be carefully considered. With this in mind, I wish you a nice pre-Christmas season!

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