7 tips for the way to house-trained

7 tips for the way to house-trained

Helpful tips on the way to house-keeping – for puppies and adult dogs too!

Tip 1:

Many puppies usually have to loosen up often ….

  • after sleeping
  • after long breaks
  • after eating & drinking
  • after playing

Give your puppy the opportunity to do so after all these things.

Tip 2:

A quiet release point!

It helps the puppy a lot if they can loosen up where there is no distraction. Because the world is so exciting and because of sheer curiosity and excitement you can forget the business outside even though it was actually urgent.

A fixed release point is also a good idea.

Please don’t talk to the puppy, he doesn’t understand it anyway. Just keep calm, wait and reward if successful.

Make sure that nothing interesting happens around it or that exciting toys are lying around and that you already have the delicious smelling cookies in your hand, which the puppy cannot then look away from.

Tip 3:

Watch the puppy “always” if possible!

One should always watch out for the smallest signs that may indicate that the puppy has to.
For example, they can be:

  • sit in front of the door
  • a very brief look at the door
  • intensive sniffing on the floor
  • pause briefly
  • spinning in circles
  • increased panting
  • whine
  • Look at the owner longer
  • sudden agitation / walking around

The more often the puppy has the opportunity to loosen up outside and can be rewarded for it, the faster he will be house-trained. It is also not pleasant for a puppy to have to loosen up in the living area.

So you ALWAYS expect it and be ready to go from one second to the next!

Do not let the puppy out of sight at the beginning to avoid mishap in the house / apartment. After a while you will find out how often the puppy has to go – this is completely different from dog to dog!

Tip 4:

Reward the desired behavior!

Once the puppy has done his business outside, reward him with a treat or a short game for it. Please only start with this when the business is done so that you do not interrupt the puppy prematurely.

Please reward yourself quietly at night, because the puppy should go back to sleep straight away …

Tip 5:

NEVER punish your puppy for loosening in the house / apartment !!!

Puppies are not born house-trained and it takes time. Puppies can control their bladder muscles a little more consciously at the earliest at about 3-4 months and may therefore be able to endure a little more or draw attention to themselves in time.

If an accident happened, please remove it quietly and without comment. Ideally with an odor neutralizer, so that the place does not continue to smell like dog toilet and later invites you to other shops.

Tip 6:

Let the puppy sleep near you at night!

So you will notice when he wakes up. Then it’s time to go out immediately! Everything nice and quiet, as little light as possible, not talking much, not playing games … And then immediately sleeping on.

Please don’t set the alarm clock to wake your puppy at night! He makes itself felt when he has to. And maybe he can hold out for a few hours at night without having to get out. At night it is quite different from during the day, the whole metabolism goes down.

Tip 7:

Don’t rely on the tip that puppies have to come loose every two hours!

Every puppy is different and totally individual. Some people have to go out every 30 minutes during the first few days, the other every 3 hours. There is no “golden rule” that every puppy would automatically follow.

Try to find out how often you have to get your dog out to avoid as many mishaps as possible.

Don’t forget to go out a few times too much or completely unnecessarily, like puddles or piles in the living room!

Every dog ​​has to learn to be house trained and that takes time and patience!

I hope you enjoy training!

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