5 ways to hurt your dog’s feelings without knowing it

5 ways to hurt your dog’s feelings without knowing it

A dog’s life is entirely about its people. He is mentally and physically dependent on them. He not only wants to be well looked after, but above all to be loved, encouraged and employed. Scientists have found that a dog’s IQ is roughly equivalent to that of a 2-3 year old child. You also know that dogs dream. And that they process the day’s experiences in a dream. The quiet whine, the twitches and kicks are their reaction to beautiful experiences, but also to fearful and those experiences in which they were punished or scolded.

A dog also has emotional sensations or “feelings””. And if he doesn’t get the necessary attention and time, is punished unjustly, or is mistreated, it can leave deep scars on the dog’s soul.

With this in mind, you should be sensitive when it comes to the following 5 things you can use to accidentally injure the dog’s soul.

  1. Rub the nose in adversity of the dog

Dogs are not nest polluters per se. If a mishap happens to them in the house, there can be various reasons for which they cannot do anything. Physical illness, emergency, too much time between the aisles can be possible reasons for the accident. Or they were simply not properly trained in housekeeping. Shouting at the dog in this situation or even pushing his nose into the clumsy is the worst possible way. Because the dog will not associate this punishment with his misfortune. Worse, he will only learn one thing, namely that he must be afraid of his person or his unpredictability. The better way is to fix the accident without saying big words. If it happens more often, cause research must be done. If illness can be ruled out, the time between the aisles may need to be reduced or the number of aisles increased.

  1. Not having enough time and attention

The dog’s well-being largely depends on the attention of his favorite people. So instead of opening the door full of groceries in the evening and patting the dog’s head half-heartedly, it is better to put the groceries aside and greet him properly, speak to him, caress him and hug him. In general, every dog owner should take enough time for his dog to give him his complete attention for something the dog likes. This can be in the form of a nice walk, cuddling up on the sofa, playing and romping, but also teaching new commands. Because here, too, the dog deserves sole attention.

  1. Punish fearful behavior

Raised neck hair, applied ears, drawn-in tail and growling indicate that the dog does not feel comfortable or is even afraid in a certain situation. Unfortunately, these signs, and especially the growling, are often associated with aggressive behavior. Screaming and exaggerated body language exacerbate the situation. What the dog needs now is to calmly and quietly take him out of the situation, to lead him away.

  1. Don’t follow rules consistently

Dogs need clear rules. So if it is announced that he is not allowed on the furniture, then this must be done consistently. So it is not possible, for example, to get him on the couch in the event of illness and to scold him the next day for lying down on the couch himself in order to take his nap there. “No” means “no” – always.

  1. Separate the dog from its family

It is said that the cause of the problem with a dog is always at the top of the leash. So if the dog shows unwanted behavior, it is often the result of a lack of or wrong upbringing or of inconsistency by its people. How should the dog know how to behave if it is not really made clear to him what expectations are in him. The worst thing you can do to the dog now is to banish him from home or even lock him in a kennel. Because the dog needs the closeness and care of its people.

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