3 reasons why dog owners live healthier

3 reasons why dog owners live healthier

Dog owners generally live much healthier than the rest of the population. It is not “just” about more movement, which almost inevitably entails keeping a dog. Dogs have been proven to help reduce stress and, well, flirt.

These numbers are terrifying: According to the official government nutrition report, 52.9 percent of women in Germany are overweight. It looks even worse when you look at the supposedly “strong sex”: 67.1 percent are overweight here! You don’t have to look far for the reasons for the increasing thickening of Germans (including their consequences such as joint damage, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, etc.). Unhealthy nutrition and a blatant lack of exercise simply take their toll over time.

“Blatant” lack of exercise does not mean that every German should actually live and train like a high-performance athlete – on the contrary. It is simply problematic that most of them de facto hardly move at all. You can choose to sit in front of the computer in the office, in front of the television at home or on the way to work in the car, but there is no real movement. Often, half an hour or an hour of exercise is enough to meet the doctor’s recommendations.

  1. Dogs provide exercise and fresh air, better health and more…

Lack of movement between the workplace and the couch is usually a foreign word for dog owners. Because dogs have to be walked several times a day, if only to be able to do their business. The dogs’ natural urge to move is also so great that they like to enjoy longer walks and excursions in the forest, meadow, lake or in the residential area. Even if the frequency and length of the walk depends on the breed and age of the dog, no dog owner can avoid the daily dog ​​walks. And ideally walking means not only “walking” in the literal sense of the word, but also always fun and games, because the dog not only wants to live out his urge to move, but also to experience something.

The practical thing about it: if the dog owner follows the movement recommendations of the veterinarian, he also follows the movement recommendations of the general practitioners. The movement with the dog is enough for most people to work off their own workload. In addition, there is a stay in the fresh air, which is good for the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune system. Even romping around with the dog in your own four walls pays off. After all, having a few minutes of fun with people’s best friend is far better for your health than watching sports programs on television for hours.

  1. Dogs reduce stress

But not only the body benefits from keeping dogs, but also the mind. Dogs have been proven to help reduce stress. On the one hand, by stroking the animal, happiness hormones are released, which have been medically proven to help reduce stress hormones. Secondly, because the animal creates a wonderful balance to the increasingly stressful job conditions. Not to mention the positive effects of the affection between dog and dog owner on general well-being. In short: a dog is ideal for finding the necessary distance from nerve-racking work after work and at the weekend.

  1. Good for the heart in every respect: Dogs help to make contacts and flirt

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows how well you can get in touch with other people thanks to the animal. It is difficult to talk to the opposite sex more easily than with a dog. According to the latest studies, a person with a dog should appear about 3 times more attractive to others than a person without a dog.

It should be noted how important contact with other people is, especially for older people. With a dog, the risk of being lonely is significantly less than without a dog. Dogs not only ensure that dog owners regularly go to the door, they are perfect for exchanging ideas with other dog owners and “normal” people. But not only older people benefit from the “social function” of dogs, people who move to a new city also find their four-legged friends much faster.

In a nutshell: Dogs contribute to the “Mens sana in corpore sano”, the “healthy mind in a healthy body”, as (almost) every dog ​​owner can confirm …

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