We show you here how to best handle your dog

There are a number of things to consider when training dogs and how to properly handle a dog. In this blog we would like to show you how to properly raise your dog and how to learn to understand your dog. On our website we have many interesting and important tips on how to properly handle the dog.

I have been active as a dog trainer for many years and would like to show you my most important tips for handling and training with dogs.
With my blog I would like to show you how to properly handle your dog and how you can understand your dog and how to respond properly to it.

We would also be happy to receive comments and maybe other tips from you!

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Do you have a specific question about dogs that I couldn’t answer in the blog? Then just ask this question to the community, there are sure to be people there who can help you with your question. I also look at the questions constantly and try to help and answer the questions as best I can.
Our question and answer community area is here.

I also have a small online shop here. There I sell dog accessories that I think makes sense as a dog trainer.
Every item sold through the online shop supports me and my dog school. From the income from the online store, I am able to buy new equipment for my dogs and my dog school.
Please have a look at my store, maybe you will find something useful for you and your dog.

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